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Watch how the Forge Island Development is growing.

‘Popping out’ at Forge Island

Teams from Rotherham Council, Muse, B and K, Arc Cinema celebrated the building shells being completed on Forge Island.

Forge Island Bridge Installation/h4>

The new Forge Island pedestrian bridge was installed in June 2023. Watch the bridge be hoisted into place below.

Bridge Delivery

The new pedestrian bridge arrives on site at Forge Island in preparation of its installation.

Works begin on Forge Island

Works have now begun on site. When ground works began, we talked to the site manager Nigel Parkin from Wath based TKL Group about what he is looking forward to when Forge Island opens.

Town Centre Masterplan

The Masterplan outlines the bold but realistic plans to revitalise Forge Island, providing Rotherham residents and visitors a place to socialise and make the most out of their town centre.

Riverside Gardens Walkthrough

Riverside Gardens will form a gateway into the Forge Island leisure development and wider town centre. It will add green spaces for relaxation and play, connecting the heart of Rotherham to river and nature.

Cinema Announcement

Kick back with your favourite treats and watch the latest blockbuster at the Arc Cinema, coming to Forge Island.

Canal Barrier Installation

The new canal barrier at Forge Island brings a new, modern look to the development and offers protection from the elements to the historic Rotherham Canal and Rotherham train station. Get a bird’s eye view of the fantastic barrier by watching this video.